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My Top 5 Business Email No-no’s

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Some people say that email is going the way of old-fashioned letter writing, soon to be forgotten. Instead, we will all be communicating only with smartphones or some other technology not even yet developed. This frightens me as communication isn’t always about speed, but also about messaging. Complete, easily understood messages are the next best thing to phone calls or in-person conversations.

Doing business is a human interaction, not an exercise in technology. For now, many businesses have employees relate to each other through emails even if the recipient is a stone’s throw away from your cubicle. It is conceivable that you could be working on a project with a co-worker in the same building and never meet face-to-face!

This is all the more reason for thorough, but succinct, emails between workers. Business depends on your message being understood by all recipients – and so does your career! As humans, a few of us can read the same message but comprehend it differently. Be careful in not only what you say, but how you say it. Limit your use of emoticons.

Here are my top five email no-no’s to avoid in business:

1) Using any short-cut spellings associated with texting.

2) Misspelling names of colleagues and managers.

3) Assuming recipient(s) know what you’re talking about – explain.

4) Forgetting your manners – be polite.

5) Sending too quickly – do you really want to reply to all?

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Your comments are welcome, especially if you have more email no-no’s to add to my list.

Wishing you career success in 2012!