Using LinkedIn For Local Job Search

Assuming you have a LinkedIn profile (if not, WHY?), the next step is “working” it. Join professional groups where you ask and answer questions to spotlight your expertise. But more than that, join local LinkedIn groups where you may also find opportunities for face-to-face meetings. Some local groups even offer regular meet-ups where you may network in person with those whom you have met online.

As a Kansas City Career Coach, I recommend the following LinkedIn Groups for relationship-building online and in person in the Greater Kansas City Area. Contact me if you know of others:

* Kansas City Live Networking

* Linked to KC

* Kansas City Networking Society

If you want to relocate to another part of the country, look for online LinkedIn Groups to join in that area. Get job recommendations from Group members to pave the path to your new job before you physically relocate. When you make LinkedIn a part of your everyday social networking, you’ll be surprised at the rewards you reap.

Wishing you career success in 2012!


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