Are you ready to rock?

Rock and roll is commitment. Rock and roll is passion and spirit. ~ Mick Fleetwood

Are you a rock star? The question has nothing to do with whether you can carry a tune or dazzle with a guitar riff. In real life, the question has everything to do with passion and execution.

Don’t we all want to be friends with the rock star? As employers we strive to pack our ranks with rock stars in various capacities and in networking we are smart if we can hang with the rock star. How often, though, do we do what we need to do to be the rock star? Let’s break it down…a rock star has superior talent, can harmonize with the band, has adoring fans, is a leader, and has that certain swagger that sets them apart from the crowd.

Regardless of discipline, becoming a rock star can be boiled down to three key elements: passion for what you do, never-ending hunger for knowledge and improvement and confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Concentrating on what you are really passionate about, being a life-long learner (whether that is through formal sources or simply the school of life) and cultivating belief in yourself will get you one step closer to that spotlight. But there’s one more aspect: execution. Rock stars have to take consistent action and continually execute their vision to retain rock star status.

So, tell me: are you ready to rock?

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