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Mindsets & Shifting Gears

Monday, February 15th, 2010

February is the best time to think about this. Why?! Because in January or at the first of any year, most of us are psyched and we are ready to write down our new goals, our dreams for this year, and the steps to make that happen! Right?

Well, I don’t believe in New Years’ resolutions; never have! They just seem to be too loosey-goosey for me. You know what I mean? Before we know it, we have settled into our old routines; it’s our minds going into the default-mode. This is our subconscious taking over. It is very subtle; it just happens if we are not aware; if we are not ‘present’; if we are not looking at what we want to achieve daily. It is easy to get ‘off task’.

I believe in ‘daily doses’ of a small reward if we do the accomplished things on our list. I believe in ‘weekly wows’ if we really did make all of those calls and met those people and completed those projects that we were going to do. Feel good about it. Do not beat yourself up about it, if you didn’t do all you wanted, just be aware of what you are feeling, and strive to accomplish it next week.

Monthly milestones are better than yearly resolutions! I believe in a yearly wall calendar. This is the only part of the ‘yearly’ long thing I like. Be specific about your goals and this ‘monthly’ thing at a ‘yearly’ glance really does help!

Use a daily affirmation to help you every morning! Choose a good one for yourself. If it’s not the best one, change it after a month or so. But be aware of your thoughts – keep them positive. Focus on the good stuff, and focus on that vision of where you want to go or who you want to be, even if it is just a ‘better you’ each day! Nothing wrong with that!

Remember the thing about our ‘Subconscious’ …. you know? Our subconscious doesn’t like change. Our thoughts and behaviors have planted itself in this part of our minds for years. So without being aware, we will ‘default’ to old behaviors or old thoughts. SO, when you really want to make a resolution; when you really want to make a change, then be resolute about reexamining your beliefs from time to time! Are you on ‘track’ on your goals? Do you still have a ‘vision’? It takes some VERY ‘Conscious’ decisions on your part! J

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Have a great month!!