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Do you have a choice, yes or no?

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Probably the worst effect of the recession and jobless recovery is the subtle negative job the media does to the Kansas City job seeker.    If you are not careful, you may begin to think that you don’t have a choice!    And when you think that you do not have a choice, then you may begin to think you have to settle.    Don’t!   You may think you have to lower your expectations, or the insidious results may be your reduced efforts.  Please do not let that happen to you!

Find a way each and every day (Monday through Friday) to find something that you may be excited about.  Imagine that you have already landed the job that you want; now think of the feeling!  You begin in 10 days; all of your efforts were worth it.  You like the company; you get to do the things that you enjoy and that you are good at.   The salary or salary with commissions is in the range of what you wanted.   Life is good!  Hang on to that feeling!

Okay.  Do you have your written plan for the week?   We use the Career Intensive Care 99 Tracker.  What is this?!    It is our written daily and weekly plan for contacts:  phone conversations, email,  person met at networking, resume sent, online application, informational meeting, messages left, whatever the communication -  write it down and strive for the 99 a week.  That’s right!   99 a week.  Don’t think about what you want to happen as a result.  Just concentrate on the 99.   You may have 19 a day for four days, and on that other day (when you are feeling great) you do 23.   Mix it up.  Play with it.  But do it!  You will be surprised at what happens.

Now, back to that thing about getting excited everyday- you say huh!  How?  IF you do not see a job posting you really like, or if you do not hear about XYZ Company getting ready to hire, or hear from someone that you wanted to hear from, then you must do something on a personal level that you are excited about.  If that means sledding, renting a movie, digging into a book, cooking, working-out,  or talking with an old friend who you haven’t seen for awhile, just do it!  You want the good feeling everyday!  That is your goal while in the full-time job search position!  This is important.

Perhaps you have had to take a subsistence job while still looking – that is alright!   This information is for you, too.   Our severance pay ran out; our unemployment was never enough, or the emergency unemployment is over; whatever your situation – some of you may have taken some contract jobs, or other temporary stints so that you can pay the bills.  Good for you!   Just don’t lose hope, don’t drop the search-plan, keep up your communications, stay positive!    And that means to hang on to that feeling everyday; that good feeling; it projects out, like ripples on the lake when you skipped that rock!

Your focus leads to your feelings which leads to the vibrations (or energy) that you are sending out whether you know it or not.   Therefore, this is why it is so affirming to use this plan, and connect with your good feelings every day.

Good luck -   Good feelings-   Good things are happening!