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It’s Amazing What You Can Do

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Quote # 20091:

“It’s amazing what ordinary
people can do if they set out without
preconceived notions.”
Charles F. Kettering, 1876- 1958

As I was driving home from the Job Club that I facilitate once a month last night (and this was a very cold winter night!), I happened upon radio show discussion of the top ten factors that help elongate one’s length of life. Since I was driving, I could not write them down. But I remember a few …. I know that Number 10 was ‘Stay Connected’. Oh, how we had just discussed this in our job club! Most of us are aware that IF we are unemployed, we should network and enlarge our Circle of Influence. This is pretty obvious to most that are active in the job search. To learn that connectivity can lengthen our life added a “Wow” moment for me! There were other tips which I will cover in this issue, but this particular piece of understanding is especially key to our “now”.

So let me pose a question to you: WHAT IF you didn’t know that we were in a ‘down economy’? WHAT IF it wasn’t SO cold outside? WHAT IF it wasn’t the Holiday Season and you had not pre determined that there would be no hiring opportunities this month in Kansas City?

You would do things differently, wouldn’t you?! I hope so. It would be easy for anyone to understand why these preconceived notions can really do a number on you. But I would like to challenge you to continue your job search.

When I was a recruiter, I placed two people on a particular December 23rd. Additionally, a friend of mine was given an offer on December 22nd of a certain year and on December 24th she was negotiating with them; ultimately starting her new position on December 30th! So you see, one never knows which companies need to hire before the end of the year! It’s called Planned Happenstance- keep doing the planned work and you never know what unexpected thing will happen!

Back to the list on the radio…

I know that in the middle of the list was: Don’t dwell. Oh, boy how we talked about that in our job club! Please do not dwell on the adverse circumstance that you may be in or think that you are in! You are MORE than your circumstances! Switch that thought to a GOOD thought, a happy thought – hurry; switch it in LESS than 16 seconds! Science has proven that this will help you to not dwell, and to improve your thoughts. Thoughts become things.

Among a few other tips on the radio was exercise. Exercise was obviously close to the top. It’s no surprise that routine exercise is good for your body. But it’s also good for your soul. So I encourage you to do this: if you have more time on your hands, please write ‘exercise’ into your daily planner! Eating right was high on the list, as well. I believe he mentioned ‘fiber’. And, you will never believe this one: Number 1 was Floss your teeth every day. Oh my! I will start this tomorrow; but I may have to write it into my daily planner!!

2009 may have been a trying time, but 2010 will definitely be the gin; the engine, that is! The year that can!

And in this holiday season, whether you put your search on hold until January or not, remember these tips to add enjoyment:

*Be temperate in all things, not excessive (even in eating)
*Lower your expectations; just don’t expect much, it causes frustration
*Enjoy what you can & ignore the rest (we can’t control other people or their actions)
*Do not go into debt; we don’t have to impress anyone (express your feelings in the giving of what you can afford or do)
*Focus on your spiritual life; no matter your tradition. We are drawn toward this, and it will help keep you grounded
*TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF: don’t rush through the holidays and sap your energy!

And most of all: Have a Very, Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!
See you in 2010!