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Do I really need a coach?

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

The coaching field is relatively new. There are many people who do not know or understand what a ‘coach is’. We are all pretty aware of the coaches in the sports arena. But what is this ‘thing’ we keep hearing … someone has a Life Coach; someone has a Career Coach; someone has a Business Coach; someone has a Retirement Coach.

Do you NEED a coach? Probably not; maybe you don’t need, but you want it! Will a coach help you get to your desired outcomes faster? Definitely yes! So perhaps the answer to the above question is this:

How badly do you want to get there? How bad is the pain now; do you want help with easing this pain? Coaching is a fairly new field. There are many people who do not know about this incredible resource. A good coach will be able to direct you, guide you, and help you get specific on your clarity and your focus.

Coaches are different from consultants. The larger outplacement firms do use consultants, even though they may call them coaches. Yet, they have not been trained or certified in the coaching process, which is different from a consulting practice. A consultant has been trained in giving you advice, perhaps telling you what they think you should do. A coach helps you find out what you want to do! This is a major and important difference. And remember, you’ll be around other learners in the Career Intensive Care workshops!

Emotional Courage

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

The ability to know what we are feeling and not be afraid of our feelings, learning how to process them, knowing where they come from, and analyzing them if necessary – these are parts of emotional courage. Your feelings are very valid; don’t underestimate them. Our feelings come from our thoughts and sometimes these thoughts need to be examined. The courage to do this is part of what the term ‘emotional courage’ means.

When someone is emotionally intelligent, they are able to use their emotions in positive ways; they are learning and evolving. It is not something that just happens to us, it takes a willingness to know ourselves more, and to get introspective. It may mean that we need to unlearn some things and relearn other things.

People at every age can experience chaos in their emotional life at one time or another. This is why treating the four quandrants of our life is important. These four are Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions. Many have heard of the body-mind-spirit connection before, but it seems that the fourth segment gets overlooked. The Emotion Section is important. All of these areas are important to attend to, each day. We don’t have to knock ourselves out about it, but just being aware of it will help.

If this is new to you; if you have ignored your feelings; or if you are in flux about something and cannot pinpoint it, talk with someone who knows you well or talk with a professional. Another thing to do is begin writing in a journal; write anything down in any kind of a notebook or journal. This process of writing each day will help you begin to see something. You may start to get clearer about this ‘thing’. It doesn’t matter what your issue may be- a person or an event or just a nagging thought – write it down. Just get it on paper. Go back to it later.

You are getting emotional courage! Congratulations! Keep at it!

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Stay ‘UP’ Now, No Matter What

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

I have said it before, and I will say it again. There is NO better time than now, to get to know yourself, to become introspective, have a bit of fun again, start working on your purpose… do you have one; do you know what it is?

With all of the bleak news about the economy and the large volume of lay-offs, the doomsday feeling is so easy to inherit. It’s just right there- it seems we are ‘suppose’ to be scared; weary about our future. All we have to do is pick up the newspaper, or turn on the news….. and this has been going on for awhile.

Please try with all your might to not buy into it. It is that simple. I think there is a reason that this is happening now. Our country has been living in excess for too may years; many of us have been. Also, we all seem to be looking for the answer outside of ourselves. Oh, if I just had a job (or that particular job); if I could just have that career; if this relationship was better – all external things!

Look inside. You have what you need within yourself. It has just been ignored. You have many gifts. You have been tricked into thinking that the answer was outside of yourself. It is not! You have unlimited potential; there is more to you of which you are aware. We just have been living a bit unconsciously.

So, it’s good news then. There will be new businesses starting. Companies will begin to hire again. And in the meantime, you will have learned more about ‘you’. You will have a better understanding of your strengths, interests, values, and motivators. You may have realized your life purpose, and can now weave that into the new job. There may be surprises every day, as you learn something new about yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. Take this time and enjoy the days. There is much still to learn about yourself, and it’s all good. The potential is waiting to be discovered, polished, and renewed.