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Career Services Kansas City


Kansas City Career Services, a branch of Abilities Enhanced®, provides:

  • Professional Resumes Written to Get You Results
  • Career Counseling
  • Individual and Group Career Coaching
  • Career Assessments: Communication Styles, Elevations® for Career Discovery
  • Job Search Strategies: Networking, Job Interview Preparation, Social Media Tools
  • Career Management for the Long Term
  • Career Coaching Programs: New Career Direction, Authentic Vocation Discovery
  • Outplacement Services with a Personalized Touch

Manage your career; discover the real you, work authentically, find fulfillment. Get introspective and clear, get focused, search and plan your career. More on our Kansas City career services and programs.

Discover new things about yourself, understand life and career cycles, unearth your true potential, and overcome hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you.

Reexamine your values, accomplishments, skills, beliefs, personality and goals.

Become present, introspect, work, prepare and plan your future with a clear vision and a step-by-step plan.

Learn tools for career and life alignment to thrive and manage in your next career

Finish with connections, assurance, confidence and on-going support

DO NOT DELAY, EVOLVE, MOVE FORWARD, Contact Us Today - initial phone consultation is free!

Kansas City Career Services Educational Moment

Kansas City has coaches. Let us all get coached! A Career Coach, a Life Coach, a Business Coach, an Executive Coach, a Transition Coach - what do you need? Don’t go it alone. No matter how much someone knows or how experienced they may be, we all need someone to throw the tennis ball back to us in this game called Life.